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General Discussion

  • Takehiro

    Preperation for ToS

    With the tomb of sargeras coming out, we as a guild and as a raidteam have seen changes over the last few months.
    People haven taken breaks, we have gotten new members, new raiders, the epicness of Brad that never ceases to grow!
    To make sure we are prepared and are tackling the new raid with a high efficiency we will have to rethink our current way
    of raiding.

    What is it we really want to raid? Are we a heroic raiding guild? or a mythic raiding guild?

    The answer might be clear but our actions are far from efficient. We have cleared 6/10 mythic.
    But lets be honest, we outgeared it and it has been nerfed a few times. Nor did we have the resources to truely give it a proper shot
    straight from the beginning. Unlike now. We have the resources. we have the skill. Now its about making this as efficient as possible.

    How do we do that?

    By looking at our ground rules. We arnt going to overcomplicate things. Keep it simple but enforce it properly. Something we didnt always have the chance for
    due lack of manpower.

    Actions to take:

    Revise rules for raiding;

    -Be an active player that actively does mythic+
    -Dedication (be in time, Flasks, Food, Potions, Tactics)
    -Concordance is a requirment to join for progress raids

    Additionally we want to add another rank.

    Mythic Raider. Now I know some of you might think whats the point of that? I dont care about ranks. Adding another rank might cause a rift.
    As it is now we got players that are consistently active, always there, always prepared etc. But what if you cant anymore? You got work, busy schedual.
    You name it. We then have to demote you to member(social) Because you arnt a raider, right?` Even if youd love to join now and then still.
    But you will have become a social.

    By adding the mythic raider rank, we allow people an additional option. Meet all our requirments, You become a mythic raider. If you cant but would still love to join.
    You have the Concordance, You have the gear, but not the time?
    You can become a raider instead. Players that might not meet the full requirments but can still contribute to the raids. So when we do, lets say mythic NH
    We can take some raiders on the first 3 bosses. followed by mythic raiders on the rest of the raid.

    You as a raider still have prio loot over trials and members. You are not a social, you are a raider.

    Loot based on tactics;

    This is a thing we have noticed and are going to adress more closely. During raids not everyone follows the tactics properly.
    Its one thing if you wernt in time with your debuff running towards X marker due shit being in the way. Fair enough, No questions asked.
    But when we want all melee to focus X Add and only 2 melees actively target and dps said add. that means we got people not doing tactics.
    And this will be weighed heavily during the loot council.

    If you feel that any of these changes/ideas/comments are not quite right, you'd like to add something or perhaps remove something let us know.
    Make yourself heard. no matter how silly you think it is. Your opinion matters to us as a guild.

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