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  • Takehiro

    The Community!

    As we have always promoted to be! we want to be a community, not just a WoW guild! So for all our members new and old id like to list some other games that we can be found on for whatever reason! :)

    So what games do you play besides WoW ? Write a comment on why you play it :) perhaps we would like to join you and try it out aswell!

    I will add the names of games you write in the comments, and if we even have such a big number that there is a clan/guild/organization ill write it aswell !

    PC platform:

    Game name:WoW
    Realm name:Tarren mill
    Guild/Clan/Organization name: Bad Hombres

    Mobile Platform:

    Game name: Clash Royale
    Realm name: (EU)
    Guild/Clan/Organization name: Red Barons

    If youd like to be added on this list drop a comment!

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