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  • Takehiro

    Guild rules

    These guidelines applies to us all Guild Members! from socials to the Guild Master.

    1. Insults / Verbal jaws Bangs

    People who are nasty, insulting jokes that are sexual, racist, hateful remarks, have a brutal vocabulary on guild members, or something else (Basically being a complete asshole, which will hit our guild negativetly) will not be tolerated at all. Swearing is something else. We are all adults here, and we all know how it is to be frustrated and that it can lead to a few bad words. While we expect you to refrain from swearing a few words now and then, we want you to be limited with it. If you are sensitive to this, you might want to rethink about seeing us as your guild.

    1. Ninja and Drama

    As a member of the <Bad Hombres>, it is important that you represent our guild both in and out of it. We like to have fun, but it is important that you do not make our guild look bad by ninja looting, trolling, or being an Elitist (to show that you are better than the other), or anything else that may be considered douchebaggery. We will not hesitate to remove someone from the guild in violation of this. Guild Drama is something that will not be tolerated. We understand that not all members will agree all the time, so therefore we will understand if there are occasional clashes, let them be minimal, but there should be absolutely zero verbal fights in the guild chat. If you have any problems with one of the guild members, we expect that you try to solve the problem on your own, as an adult. If the problem is still unresolved and you cant solve this on your own, please contact and inform one of our officers, we will try to rectify the problem. We are a fun, drama free guild and want to keep it that way. Every member who messes with this harmony will be quickly removed.

    1. Manufactured Items

    As a guild, we should work together to help each other to level up our tradeskills. this will benefit our guild as a whole in the long term. You should not charge the guild members to manufacture items Nor should you expect something for free. Fix the materials for the item you wish to have made, and that is necessary for you, which also means no begging for gold or items. there is nothing wrong with asking someone in the guild if someone has something extra that they would like to give up, just do it with taste / style / class and do not expect to always get something.

    1. Promotions and Leadership

    What <Bad Hombres> believe in, is that all of our members are able to work together as a team. And capable to be an awesome leader. (In Brad we trust) but sadly not everyone can be a leader. This guild has been up for quite a while now and we have built up proper pillars (with nicks here and there), but we are still continuing to build on and hopefully strengthen our guild, our pillars. For those of you who feel you have something to offer to the guild, its absolutely wonderful to hear and we look forward to your contribution. Just be active and friendly in the guild, and if you see that <Bad Hombres> is the best home for you, and you also find yourself committed to our excellence, you will receive our attention. The best leaders we have are those who never sought it out, we found them.

    1. Raids / Raid Team

    One can not expect to be placed on a team just because they are members of the <Vanguard Second Company>. We work hard to help people in the raid team. But we can not always accomodate everyone all the time. Sometimes the only answer is to be on standby and hope for next time. One should not feel offended or angry because they did not receive an invitation. There will be days when we optimize our team where we want the best / most optimal team to pull down a boss / bosses in HC and possibly Mythic, then we'll pick out the people who will give us just that. In Mythic, we will be thorough with the picking, so bring your A-game in every raid. Fortunately, we do not raid Mythic, yet. we raid in HC until we have a decent team for Mythic. If you need some tips and tricks about your class and/or your role in raids, then just ask an officer for advice. We try to be as good as we can!

    1. G-Bank

    Reaching higher rank in the guild opens access to G-Bank. We use it to help our team with enchants, gems, and mats for the items. so all we get from our raids, we throw them into the G-Bank. We ask that you do not fill in the bank up with oldschool object which is mostly useless. we do put out gold for guild repairs so donations are always welcome. Thanks!

    Who has access to G-banking:
    GM = handles Gold, Items, and Materials.
    Officers = handles Gold, Items, and Materials.
    Members / Raiders = can only add to the G Bank.

    1. Alts / Friends and Family Guild invites

    Alts are welcome to the guild. But to let them raid with our team is probably not possible unless you have something that we need, for ex: having the minimum DPS required for our raids and of course the desire to run with the character. Remember that we optimize our team, we take those who best suits against the bosses and is best gearad for Normal/Heroic/Mythic. I recommend that you run some mythics or mythic+ in LFG system and hope for gear. On the issue of friends and family, we have a rank for them in the guild as "Peasant" (if they want to move up to Member, then they have to make an application on our website) if all they want to do is just play the game in the same guild with you while getting the Guild Perks. This rank applies only to those who do not meet our standard PVE gameplay / gear. If they are good enough on their own and are interested in joining our team for raids, they will go through the same process as any other recruit (If they desire to raid with us ofc), which means that they need to submit their own complete application to the guild.

    1. Sense of Humor

    Having fun is a big part of who we are. Jokes and playful teasing is a big part of being a member of this guild! So lighten up, put a smile on your face and maybe pull a joke or two, and above all, enjoy! This guild is all about having fun!

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